Emergency Payday Loan Immediately: Online Up to 7 Minutes Only

Payday loan   offers   money in time by a responsible and stable company – a leader in online lending in our country.

Payday loan   offers   money in time by a responsible and stable company - a leader in online lending in our country.

Now, online emergency payday loan immediately up to 600 or up to 2500 leva with only ID card   from an established financial company with traditions and principles, fair and loyal to high morality and commitment to your financial problems.

Emergency money for all consumer purposes – for bargain purchases and services, home repair and refreshment, holidays and vacations, training, and more.

  • By yourself you choose the amount of the necessary payday loan and the term for repayment.
  • 7 days a week , on a clear day on the territory of the country, clear and transparent payday loans with a size of 200 to 2 500 BGN and a repayment period of 3 to 24 months.
  • Online application from any computer, GSM or tablet, you only need Internet / short form, you can request payday loan by phone at the price of one city call, approval up to 7 minutes and receive the money now in a convenient way for you – bank or cash on hand.
  • Application conditions – be mature, have a valid ID and have proven earnings.
  • Sending an application is completely free of charge and does not engage you in a contract, you can cancel it for reasons known to you only and your application is canceled.
  • Online emergency payday loan immediately and now – without a guarantor , you only need to specify a contact person to contact the company when looking at your payday loan application, its requirements are mature and have a current phone number, it can be yours friend, close relative, relative, colleague.

Before signing the payday loan agreement, you can thoroughly and completely familiarize yourself with all the payday loan documentation, carefully analyze the requirements for money and thoroughly examine the terms. Every element of the payday loan process becomes clear to you, you are thoroughly informed about everything.

For you, choose the most appropriate individual solutions, each client of the company is important, special with the specific features on the basis of which you get the best.

No fees are charged during the entire lending process – application, absorption, circulation and repayment of payday loans, no pre-term repayment fees.

There is a payday loan calculator that accurately calculates the entire amount of the amount you have to repay, the amount of interest, the principal, this makes it easier for you, you are aware of everything, there are no surprises.

  • Extremely advantageous offer – every first quick interest-free payday loan of up to $ 600, returned for 30 days and every seventh payday loan returned for 15 days is completely free, no interest, no charges, you return as much as you have taken.
  • Interest on payday loans depends on the payday loan history of each client and on his income. Preferences, bonuses, discounts are received by regular customers who are eligible for payments, first they get acquainted with innovations, new products, participate in raffles and prizes, have the opportunity for instant approval.
  • Repayment installments are individually tailored to your capabilities.
  • The money is spent in the most convenient way – by bank transfer, via Easy Way through Cesteminal.
  • You can always get up-to-date status information about your payday loan in an easy and accessible way – by chatting at the bottom of the screen, by phone or email, you are always aware of how much you have paid, what is left to you, what is the amount of the repayment installment, is the maturity date.
  • If you pay regularly your online emergency payday loan and without delay your contributions, you can get a new payday loan before you repaid your current one.
  • You can reschedule the payday loan in convenient small installments for a longer period.
  • You can refinance payday loans by downloading a new one on the most favorable terms, redeeming the old and keeping your money fresh for your needs.
  • The company has a firm stance on respect for ethics and justice, they will not mislead you, will not deceive you, will not lie to you, everything is legal and upheld. The company’s policy is built on ten ethical rules that are strictly observed and are a guarantee that customer interests are above all.
  • The company has a procedure for submitting objections, settling disputes and fixing damages in relation to complaints submitted by clients who use the services of the financial company. A Complaints Board has been set up, which meets regularly to hear complaints, if any, and takes decisions by a majority.
  • If you are having difficulty paying or are in a difficult financial situation, contact a company representative immediately to discuss the situation and find a way out of it.


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