Loans for Installments or Payday Loans – How to Choose the Best One?


Payday loans or installments

Payday loans or installments

There are many loan institutions operating on the financial market that offer payday loans or installments. Some entities also offer both financial products. Choosing the right offer in the case of a payday is different than in the case of installment loans, due to the specificity of this type of products. An assessment at

Timers are short-term loans that are perfect for small financial needs. These are financial products suitable in the event of an unexpected expense in the amount from PLN 100 to approx. PLN 2000. Travel offers may differ from each other. It should also be emphasized that some loan companies offer the first loan for free. These include Lenderspo, Hillarrium and Hypocredit. The loan is not interest-bearing, so the borrower gives the loan company exactly the amount he borrowed.

On the other hand, installment loans are of a long-term nature. When choosing this loan, the interest rate is more important because, due to the long repayment period and the possibility of borrowing relatively high amounts, the cost of the loan can also be very high. The second criterion for choosing an installment loan is the commission fee which the loan companies charge when concluding the loan. It is included in the total cost of the loan.

In finding the optimal offer of payday loans or installment loans, portals with comparators and rankings of financial products help. With this comparison you can find the right payday for free and an installment loan that will match your expectations in terms of interest rates and commission fees. Using the comparison engine is very intuitive.

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